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Blog Envy

I spent a good portion of yesterday scouring the internet for blog networks, health blogs, fitness blogs, fashion blogs, lifestyle blogs, and even stumbled upon one man’s blog of what he wears everyday (it’s pretty funny). Despite my years of … Continue reading

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Like Oh My God Y’all I’m on Glee!

That’s right it’s finally here, the Britney Spears Glee episode. Honestly it should be a national holiday, or at least all Starbucks take today and honor this classic beauty of our time by offering free Frappuccinos to every customer. I … Continue reading

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Pink Donuts

Yesterday I was standing in line at Starbucks to get my usual Grande Nonfat Latte – I’m so predictable and boring. Sometimes when I’m feeling crazy I go for a Grande Nonfat Chai Latte and on those days watch out … Continue reading

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Obsessed with Fall? Join the Bandwagon

Lately all I’ve been hearing and reading about is Fall. Like Fall is some celebrity or something (shortened name of Fallson Autumnal). And I guess if it had to be one then I would go with George Clooney. Refined, consistent, … Continue reading

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Finding Compassion

There are some topics I like to write about and others I feel compelled to write about – this topic I believe chose me. As each year passes I realize more and more that life just doesn’t make sense. Neat … Continue reading

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How to Throw a Fabulous Sunday Brunch

I know it’s only Tuesday and I’m writing about something for the weekend, but I needed to stare at pictures of yummy, fatty, homemade food again. There really only need to be 4 elements involved in a brunch: coffee, eggs, … Continue reading

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Thank you Thank you Thank you!

I wanted to start off this Monday by saying a huge Thank You to everyone supporting me on the start my blogging journey. I really would not have been able to start this without your help. In particular I want … Continue reading

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