Here we go….

This is my very first blog post! And I have to admit I’m a little terrified putting my voice out there in cyberspace. I mean I have facebook and do some frequent stalking, but this is completely different. This is much more than a facebook status update (although a put more thought into those than I should). So hang with me dear readers while I try to find my blogging “voice” and get used to this new media outlet.

If you’ve made your way here (all 2 of you) then you’re probably wondering what my plan is for the Morningstar Project. And since I’m a serious lovers of all plans, lists, maps, etc I have one for this blog. Here are my goals for TMP:

  1. Have fun! Don’t let me get too serious with this thing, well sometimes serious is good in doses, but I like to laugh too much for this blog to be all work and no play!
  2. Provide tips and motivation on healthy living, eating well, exercising, and enjoying life! I should note that I am NOT an expert on any of these things, so my view point is from my own experiences. I will say that I do spend a lot of time talking about these topics with my husband, friends, family (especially my mom), therapist, teachers, and just about anyone who will strike up a conversation – so my opinions end of coming as the result of all these sources. And I’m hoping to get even more feedback on topics from my lovely readers!
  3. Provide a weekly dose of pop culture insanity. If you know me you know that I am a lover of US Weekly, Britney Spears, Real Housewives of wherever, Glee, Food Network, and every top 40 song on the radio. I sadly know more celebrity baby names than presidents of US (and they let people like me vote!). So don’t be surprised if I write about cooking up some baby bok choy and dancing to Lady Gaga in the same post.
  4. Have patience in the process of blogging. Like I said I’m new to this so help me transform this blog into something that provides you all with interesting, up to date, and helpful information. The point of TMP is to start a conversation, not for you all to read about me and my ramblings.

Back tomorrow to really get this thing going. Cheers to day 1!

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4 Responses to Here we go….

  1. Rachel H says:

    Congratulations Linds!! I admire your courage to share and your dedication to balance! Keep ’em comin’!

  2. Annalyce says:

    Yay I am so excited you are writing a blog!! FUN! And I also want to add that I love bok choy and new ways to cook it 🙂 Its delicious so if for no other reason, I will read your blog in hopes of finding new recipes HAHA. Seriously, I love bok choy.

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