Making a Change Monday

This is a feature I would like to continually do every Monday. Why? Well because Mondays have a pretty bad reputation. They are like the annoying person in the class who shows up with all the reading done for the week and just looks at you like “What? You didn’t finish that paper yet??” And then you feel all guilty about what you didn’t do over the weekend, like run a marathon or save some dying dolphins.

So this is my attempt to take back my Mondays and give them a more positive spin. Because truthfully I don’t get a ton of productive work done over the weekend, but during the week I can crank out some papers, finish up projects, and work my little heart out at the gym. So Monday is a much better day to start something new than say Saturday or Sunday. And I’m talking little changes.

For instance, I’m going to talk to one new person in my gym class this morning. I’m officially a regular in my Turbo Kickboxing class, but I always find myself talking, or not talking, to the same 1 or 2 people. And my excuse, “it’s Monday morning…I’m sleepy and groggy…” So I’m going to push through my tired, puffy eyes and strike up a conversation. Heck it could be about the weather, in fact it will probably start about the weather because that’s what everyone likes to talk about with strangers.

Now some of you might think – she’s crazy for (a) going to the gym at 8:30 on a Monday morning, (b) trying to be all chatty with strangers, or (c) what in god’s name is Turbo Kickboxing, it just sounds crazy. So that’s why this is my “making a change.”

Maybe you want to drink 1 less cup of coffee, run for 5 extra minutes, say 1 nice thing to a coworker, or spend 5 less minutes stalking absolute strangers on facebook. Whatever it is try it today. And then you can tell people, “Damn straight I have a case of the Mondays and I look gooood doing it.”

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