Me? On the Stage?

People might characterize me as “outgoing” and “friendly,” but truth be told I am petrified about being in front of a large group. The heart starts pounding, sweating like a mad woman, and (my favorite) my face gets really red.  Like as red as this sweater. How do I know this? Well because everyone feels the need to tell me how red my face is. And not just “Hey Lindsey your face is red right now.” More like, “Hey Lindsey your face is so red right now, its like as red as a watermelon or a cherry or (insert random red object they have  identified in the room) – it’s that red!” Which in turn makes my face even redder than before – it’s really fun.

I tell you this information so you know so you don’t think I’m one of those people with “stage presence” and “natural in front of a crowd.” It takes work for me to feel comfortable in front of a lot of people. So today in my regular Turbo kickboxing class my instructor turns to me and says “Hey Lindsey, you know this routine so get up on stage and teach part of the class.” Whaaat? At this moment I’m looking around me thinking someone else must be named Lindsey, but know the man behind me couldn’t have my same name (unless his parents really liked Lindsay Buckingham too). No it was me she was asking. So before I knew it I was up on stage doing the routine just like I had for the past 7 weeks.

I would love to say I looked beautiful up there, but I was more like a sweaty, red mess. I hit all the moves (yay!) but I didn’t look quite like the instructor (who looks just like Jillian Michaels, abs and all). But you know what occurred to me up there as my heart was pounding out of my chest – who cares! I mean I was working my little butt off and that’s the point of working out, right? Yeah my face was red and my abs don’t look like they can grate cheese (and that would be gross if they could), but I got up there and actually did it! So push yourself one step further than the day before even if you think you look like an idiot it will pay off immensely.

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