Say Yes to the Dress…and Plastic Surgery?


Image by theresa21 via Flickr

According to the Hollywood Reporter E! has picked up a new series called Bridalplasty. The series will show “brides competing in wedding-themed challenges to win extensive surgical procedures.” The brides-to-be get the chance to win it all or lose the opportunity to be the “perfect bride.” And then at the end they reveal their new, enhanced look to the entire wedding party, including the groom.

Have you thrown up yet? Grabbed your passport, booked your first flight to Europe because this is the trash we air on American TV? And if you hadn’t guessed already the producers are the same people that made the “Swan.” Remember that show? They would choose “ugly ducklings” and then give them 10 plastic surgeries in one day (which is now socially acceptable and will place you on the cover of US Weekly).

All I can say is that I hope the dinner conversation is the same as this.

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2 Responses to Say Yes to the Dress…and Plastic Surgery?

  1. Kristin says:

    Sign me up!!!

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