Ladies, Going Commando is a Bad Idea

I don’t know which celebrity started the going commando trend, but they should be ashamed of themselves. And actually I think it was Paris Hilton, who’s already been to jail and will likely return because she’s always picking up other people’s purses, so I think karma has already taken care of her.

So last night I was at Santa Barbara’s fine establishment of Eos (of which I will write more about in another post because they were very kind to us last night and deserve some thanks). The girls and I were out on the dance floor enjoying ourselves thoroughly. And as I’m rocking out I look over at these 2 girls shaking their stuff up on a ledge by the DJ. I know I was having fun that night, but they were having a lot of fun and looked like they invited Jose Cuervo out for the evening (he’s a mean man). And then just as Usher is signing “dance dance like its the last last night of your life life…” these 2 girls tumbled to the ground in one sloppy mess. Of course me being nice, and perhaps a little too nosy, go over to help these ladies up. Well as luck would have it, the one girl completely forgot to wear underwear that night! Happens to us all right? NO. No this does not happen to all of us. So here she is laying on the ground, upskirt and all, and all she cares about is “What happened to my drink?” Honey your drink is long gone and so is your dignity.

The only excuse I can have for this girl is that she was paying homage to Lindsay Lohan in the wake of her failed drug test. She was so moved by the news that she rushed out and thought, “What would Lindsay Lohan do?” And if this is the case then this girl deserves the leading role in the Lifetime movie “La Loca Lohan: The Rise and Fall of America’s Firecrotch.”

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4 Responses to Ladies, Going Commando is a Bad Idea

  1. Laura says:

    hahahah….ew. Eos is such a classy establishment.

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  3. Jenn (GH) says:

    Found your blog through Katie’s. Um…”NO” is right. Wow. It makes me embarassed just thinking about it!

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