What’s in a Name?

So I haven’t exactly explained the reasoning behind the name “The Morningstar Project.” I had some guesses from people thinking I might have an obscene obsession with Morningstar Farms veggie burgers. And if this were the case maybe my project would be about finding new things to do with veggies burgers – use them in your garden, book ends, coasters! Oh the posts I could have! But sadly that’s not the reason behind the name.

Morningstar is actually my middle name. To which to you will probably remark, “Really? That’s interesting. Wait, Really?” And at this moment I might have to pull out my license and show you that yes in fact my middle name is Morningstar. And let me guess what your 2 follow up questions would be:

  1. Were your parents big hippies?
  2. Are you part Native American?

To #1, my parents were not hippies just liberal, fun-loving twenty-somethings in the early 80’s. And to #2, I’m a full-blooded Irish girl with no Native American genes in my family. The story for my parents interesting choice in names is actually deep seeded in family history. I was born on Feb 4th, which coincidentally happened to be my grandmother’s birthday. My grandmother’s maiden name was Helen Morningstar. Making a little more sense now?

But as I get older I feel like the name Morningstar actually chose me. If you knew my grandmother you would know that she valued education immensely, adored my grandfather, gave back to her community, and had a zest for cooking with butter. And while these four descriptors don’t do her life justice (and no one sentence ever could), she is the driving force behind much of what I do. And I find myself slowly, and oftentimes stumbling, into her footsteps with her hand gently leading me along.

And while I may joke in many of the posts I write, at the heart of it the Morningstar Project is my attempt to find the myself again or perhaps for the first time, but this time fully accepting the celebrity-obsessed, butter-loving, gym rat, red faced, gullible, neurotic person that I am.

Cheers Grandmama – this one’s for you.

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3 Responses to What’s in a Name?

  1. Suzanne Preis says:

    Lindsey….this is such a cool thing to do. What kind of energy you must have, or are you channeling Janet? You really can write well and I love your description of Grandmama; she would be proud! One tiny comment…Granddaddy would probably have something to say about your ethnic heritage from him, although it only dilutes the Irish a bit (I think my 45% Irish heritage totally overshadows the 55% German!). You go girl and enjoy your life. Love to you and blue-eyes, Aunt Suzi

    • I suppose a little JP is coming out in me! And I definitely want to write more about our family heritage because I know so little about the Preis/Morningstar clan, so I’m going to start digging and find more information to share 🙂

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