Thank you Thank you Thank you!

I wanted to start off this Monday by saying a huge Thank You to everyone supporting me on the start my blogging journey. I really would not have been able to start this without your help. In particular I want to thank my husband Mike, who listened to me jabber on about starting a blog for the past month and supported my decision 100%. Everyone’s emails, facebook comments, ideas for blog posts and clicks on this page have reminded me how incredibly kind people can be.

If you are at all interested in starting a blog or are starting up a local business I am more than happy to post and write about your website. Unless your website is “I hate the Morningstar Project,” or something equally as harsh like “I hate desserts” or “Loving your Life is for Wimps” – those websites I will not support. Don’t hesitate to email me ( or write in the comments and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

And seeing that I can’t buy you all massages, this will have to suffice:

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One Response to Thank you Thank you Thank you!

  1. Victoria Gonzalez says:

    I love that the kitties get mad when their owner laughs 🙂

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