Finding Compassion

There are some topics I like to write about and others I feel compelled to write about – this topic I believe chose me.

As each year passes I realize more and more that life just doesn’t make sense. Neat and tidy boxes can’t hold and categorize all the events and emotions we experience, nor can we ever prepare ourselves for what life will inevitably bring us. Yet we try to prepare for the worst-case scenario gripping our life jackets in the hope that we’ll float through the storm. But sometimes you need more than a life jacket, you need the love and support from something much bigger than anything you could imagine.

I ran into my old supervisor, Rosy, yesterday while running errands with my husband. I had been thinking of her for the past month because on Thursday August 19, 2010 they found out that their little girl Nina has an inoperable brain tumor in her brain stem. When I first heard the news I couldn’t wrap my head around this information. How does this happen? There must be a solution – doctors can fix everything right? How is Rosy even making it through the day, the hour, the minutes? I wanted to scream out, things like this shouldn’t happen to good people!!

When I saw Rosy yesterday she was buying gifts for her son Teddy, who is older than Nina. She told me that Nina was picking out 50 things for Teddy so that for the next 50 years Teddy can open a gift his sister personally picked out for him. Rosy said Nina found a beautiful silver platter that she just adored (obviously the child has fabulous taste!) and thought it would be perfect for him. Why? Because he could serve crabby patties on it one day.

I offer this story up because I believe this is what courage looks like. This is how ordinary people do extraordinary things everyday. When disaster strikes, we are able to step outside ourselves and do the unthinkable without even questioning our actions. I want to thank Rosy for continuing to share her story with others. You are an amazingly strong woman who provides a inspirational story of compassion.

I urge you all to send your love, prayer, and support to this family. We never know when lightening could strike. You can read all about Nina’s story here:

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4 Responses to Finding Compassion

  1. Tina says:

    Oh my goodness! What a disheartening thing to hear, but also empowering at the same time. We can never understand God’s ways, huh? Nina and her family will certainly be in my prayers tonight.

  2. Rita O'Brennan says:

    Well written, heartfelt and so is amazing how brave and inspiring young people can be. My thoughts and prayers go out to Nina and her entire family!

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