Obsessed with Fall? Join the Bandwagon

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Lately all I’ve been hearing and reading about is Fall. Like Fall is some celebrity or something (shortened name of Fallson Autumnal). And I guess if it had to be one then I would go with George Clooney. Refined, consistent, always good looking, with a love for a good party (hello, Oktoberfest and Halloween). Fall has that je ne sais quoi, even dare I say sex appeal? Ok maybe I’m taking the George Clooney thing a little too far because Fall is a season not a person, but now I’m googling photos of him and he is just so dreamy….

Ok back to Fall. That is the purpose of this post, right? Although I don’t mind George making a cameo appearance in here. Anyways, Fall has got us all crazy, or as my one history teacher would say we’ve “got a bee in our bonnet.” Literally people are screaming or at least posting facebook statuses along the lines of: “Oh my God Fall is here!!!!! It’s here!!!! Ahhh!!!” And then they run out into the streets with their scarves tied tight grabbing the first pumpkin spiced latte they see, sipping away while they throw leaves in the air.

But then after the Fall hysteria dies down you realize it’s not even that cold outside. You are actually sweating in your scarf and that pumpkin spiced latte made your stomach upset. So Fall, or George (let’s pretend it’s George), hasn’t really arrived yet. He’s still hanging out at Lake Como sipping martinis waiting for the perfect surprise entrance. We’re still left with the lingerings of summer, which in my opinion should be played by the charming, adventurous, fun-filled party man Matthew McConaughey. Summer is always characterized with excitement and craziness, but after a while you get kind of done with the endless bongo playing and stealing your fruit to make smoking devices that by the end you want to just scream “For the love of God man put a shirt on!!!

Don’t get me wrong Matthew holds a place in my heart, but I think I’m ready to move on. And by the look on George’s face, I think he’s ready to step up to the plate.

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2 Responses to Obsessed with Fall? Join the Bandwagon

  1. Jamie says:

    “But then after the Fall hysteria dies down you realize it’s not even that cold outside.”

    TOTALLY me. I’m so desperate for the weather to turn fall like..NOW!

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