Pink Donuts

Yesterday I was standing in line at Starbucks to get my usual Grande Nonfat Latte – I’m so predictable and boring. Sometimes when I’m feeling crazy I go for a Grande Nonfat Chai Latte and on those days watch out world ’cause Lindsey is on the loose! So as I’m standing in line staring at all the pastries Starbucks so kindly placed at eye level while you wait in line, I hear this little girl squeal out “Oooooo pink donuts Daddy! Yummy!! I want one!!” I look back and want to high five her for taking a strong stand on the perfectly glazed pink donuts on display. And while I didn’t get myself a donut that little girl walked happily away with her treat for the day, happy as a clam.

The whole thing got me thinking about wanting things. I will often will say things like “I really want a new pair of jeans” and then just as quick someone (or more likely my Catholic guilty conscience) will say “But Lindsey, do you really need a new pair of jeans?” And then I retort, “Well yes I do need a new pair! I mean the 17 other pairs I have aren’t the right hem and denim color, and besides they don’t even go with the shoes I’m planning on wearing them with, and in my new Glamour they say ripped jeans are in and I don’t have any of those yet so obviously I need them, and…..” This whole debate usually ends with me putting the jeans down and leaving the store with a necklace that was 50% off and I don’t even like.

But the truth is I do want things, I want a lot of things. I want extravagant, random, useless, needless stuff. So to all things ridiculous, here’s my “pink donuts” list:

  • I want a Lexus SUV, preferably silver
  • I want to eat dessert after every meal
  • I want 6 pack abs (but because of the previous item I probably will never get this)
  • I want a house, with shutters, a white picket fence, a sun room, and a well behaved dog
  • I want to wear scarves every day
  • I want to have a ridiculously expensive handbag that I can carry around will I run everyday errands
  • I want to own a pair of fabulous Christian Louboutins and have an even more fabulous place to wear them out
  • I want to eat cheetos and drink Frappuccinos with Britney Spears while we teach each other dance moves
  • I want to slap Spencer Pratt in the face
  • I want reality television to never disappear
  • I want to have mornings where I read good books, drink coffee, and eat breakfast in bed
  • I want fluorescent lights to be removed from all buildings
  • I want a summer home in the south of France
  • I want to travel to Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Bali, and the Maldives
  • I want naturally highlighted beach blond hair that when air dried it has the perfect surfer girl waves

Ahhh…..that felt good. You should try it. Happy Monday

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5 Responses to Pink Donuts

  1. Laura O'Brennan says:

    I am not sure if it is that we are cousins, or if he is just that terrible, but I would love to slap Spencer Pratt in the face as well. FYI… I LOVE your blog and read it just about everyday! I was telling Kelly about that on Friday when we had lunch. Hope all is well!

  2. Christine O'Brennan says:

    Next desert fab: chocolate laxative bars – with fiber! SQUEEZE into those new jeans with your new 6 pack abs! What a RELIEF! bahahaha

    You’re awesome as always! šŸ™‚

  3. I totally have a pink donuts list.

    Louboutins are on it. šŸ˜‰

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