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Life Lessons

Ever realize how certain life lessons will continually pop up until you actually decide to learn them? It’s like why I can’t figure out that after the 3rd glass of wine I’m going to have a raging headache the next … Continue reading

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Kennebunkport…it’s a wonderful word

Kennebunkport really is a great name for a town. And it’s fun to say – just ask my mom. On a road trip from Baltimore to Maine my mom and I stopped in Kennebunkport, Maine to explore the seaside town. … Continue reading

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Oatmeal, it’s what all the cool kids are doing

Those of you who are in the foodie and healthy living blog network are well aware of the oatmeal obsession. But as someone new to the blog world, I am a little late on the oatmeal craze. Until a year … Continue reading

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Conversation with my Closet

Me: Hey closet. Listen I’m having one of those not-so-skinny days, so can you be a little kind? Thanks. Closet: Well I suppose. But don’t blame me for your decision to go to a Beer Festival and then eat chips, … Continue reading

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Wishing the Week Away

Ever hear yourself saying, “God, I wish it were the weekend” or “Can’t this week go any quicker??” I make these statement all the time. In fact, to the point that I find myself solely living for my weekends. And … Continue reading

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Another one (or three) bites the dust

In the celebrity world marriages last tend to last less than a year, so I shouldn’t be surprised when I read about 3 celeb marriages going down the drain this week. So who called it quits and will be blabbing … Continue reading

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*POLL* Dueling Pizzas

So in the Morningstar household (again not my last name, but has a nice ring to it) we dispute over dinners quite often. Why? Well I am a lover of salads, squashes, and oatmeal while my husband is a lover … Continue reading

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