Running and Walking My Way to Happiness

Ever notice how you’re so much happier when you are being active outside? I don’t think I have ever come back from a walk or a run thinking, “Geez that was a really bad idea. I should stay inside on the couch more often.” Unless it’s the time I decided to race my husband in high heels (after a prolonged happy hour), that was a really bad idea.

In general exercising outside feels fabulous. And it makes me feel even better when I get to workout and raise money at the same time. So you can guess that this was a good weekend with both the Santa Barbara AIDS Walk and my first 5K.

This past Saturday was the Pacific Pride Foundation’s Annual Heart and Sole AIDS Walk/Run. The event helps raise money for programs and services for people living with or at risk for HIV AIDS in Santa Barbara County. And thanks to some of my fellow classmates, my program was able to raise $1,700 for the organization! We were the 2nd highest fundraising team – not too bad for poor grad students!

The 6k walking route went along the coastline of downtown Santa Barbara, a view I will never get sick of. All in all it was a great event with wonderful people, plenty of sunshine, and a little exercise to boot 🙂

But the weekend fun didn’t stop there – Sunday was my first 5K race! I have never in my life ran an actual race, besides the ones they make you do in gym class. When people would mention they were running a 5K, half marathon, or a full marathon I would just shrug it off and think they were either (a) crazy, (b) natural born runners, or (c) crazy, natural born runners. While I border on crazy throughout most of my life, I knew for sure I didn’t fall in the b or c category. Running just seemed like something my body wasn’t meant to do, so before I even tried I had given up on ever being a “runner.”

That all changed this past year when I started reading more healthy living blogs. These were real women writing about exercising and making the most out of their lives. Reading these stories made me realize I can actually do a lot more things than I think can, and that my fear of failure was my biggest road block. So on Sunday I ran and finished my first 5K, the Carpinteria Avocado Run (so fitting for a SoCal race) at 27:34 minutes.

And you can probably guess who’s already signed up for another 5K in November 😉

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5 Responses to Running and Walking My Way to Happiness

  1. Congrats Lindsey!! That is an amazing accomplishment! The fundraising and the running (you are speedy!) are both so awesome and you should be really proud! Go girl!

    • Thanks so much! I definitely was inspired by all the great running blogs out there, and lo and behold I can actually run! It’s funny people say that was speedy because honestly I had no clue if 27 minutes was good or bad, all I know was a dad and his 2 little boys were passing me so I knew I had to keep pace with them 🙂

  2. I saw your comment on “Girl In Chucks” blog… welcome to the healthy living blogosphere! You’re off to a good start!

    I just made it my goal to start running a 5K every month… I “trained” for one (my second 5K ever) and ran it about 3 weeks ago… check out my experience:

    But seriously! Considering this was your first 5K… your finish time kicked a$$! That’s awesome! Keep it up! My next race is October 23rd! I’m so excited… I love the whole race atmosphere. So fun!

    • Thanks so much for support! My whole view of running has changed since I started reading all these great blogs out there. And it’s so great to have something to work towards! I will definitely check out your blog, as I’m sure it will give me some inspiration to keep up with the races 🙂

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