Grad school always wins

As most of you know I’m in my 4th year of a Psychology PhD program. And if you do the math I’ve been a student for 22 years.

I’m just letting that sink in, along with the realization I haven’t made any real money in those 22 years.

Ok that was fun. So my blogging has been pretty abysmal this week. Mostly because I have these lovely APPIC essays due next week (if you don’t know what APPIC is, good!) The applications are for my internship next year, which is another year of me not really making money and still be called a student. With that being said these applications are really important and will help me in the job market when I finally become Dr. Morningstar (that’s not my last name but shall be for blogging purposes).

At this moment in the quarter I have to succumb to grad school and these essays because well grad school always wins. The arbitrary deadlines my life revolves around always take precedence. But until I begin my regular blogging routine next week, I leave you with the cycle of grad school emotions.

Year 1: Yay I love grad school! Seriously they let me into a PhD program, this is amazing!! Weee!! Oh wow I get to work with clients right away?? This is great! Research work, bring it on I’m ready for anything!!

Year 2: Ok Ok Ok, I’ll work on this evaluation project for 20 minutes, then run to the schools to do a quick psychoed assessment, then I’ll give my presentation on developmental disabilities, and oh I’ll make sure I get in a quick spin class there, and wait I forgot to eat dinner so let me grab some graham crackers and slap some peanut butter on them because PB makes something a meal, and “Hi honey! What I look like a crazed animal rushing about?? Haha that’s just silly, I’m just incredibly busy because I’m so incredibly important right now!”

Year 3: You what? You want me to completely rerun all those statistics because you read in some obscure manuscript that I should add in this made-up variable that doesn’t even make sense? Oh ok I guess your right because I honestly can’t even think anymore. In fact am I even talking out loud right now? Yes I am, wonderful. Oh and look I haven’t brushed my hair in several days and am wearing the same hoodie for a week. Wow this is my life, this is wonderful, seriously am I smiling because I can’t even tell. Now for god’s sake give me that damn glass of wine!

Year 4: Yea that’s right I made it to year 4. Year 4 people! That means soon I’m going to break free from this cage and actually have a real life. I’m going to live in a real house and make my own work hours and be free from all your crazy demands! Yeeeehawww! Oh wait, you say I have to complete all these applications in order to get an internship? And you won’t let me leave until I defend my dissertation? Ohhhh well that changes things doesn’t it. Let the eye rolln’ begin.

Happy Friday everyone!

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One Response to Grad school always wins

  1. Wow you’re doing great though! In the end it will all be worth it Doc!

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