Wishing the Week Away

Ever hear yourself saying, “God, I wish it were the weekend” or “Can’t this week go any quicker??”

I make these statement all the time. In fact, to the point that I find myself solely living for my weekends. And what happens is I bypass everything that happens during the week. As if Monday-Friday don’t even count as real days in my mind – they become a means to an end. This leaves Saturday and Sunday to fulfill a lot of happiness. Some weekends they hold up their side of the bargain and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes there are too many things packed into those 2 days that I’ll get excited to get back to my routine by Monday. Sometimes I’ll feel guilty when I don’t spend every second of the weekend socializing, exercising outside, saving dolphins, and finishing all the things on my to-do list.

This all came up because in my anger management group we end the sessions by saying things we’re grateful for. Great activity especially for adolescents because it gets them reflecting (try it at home, in counseling, or anywhere!). As we went around students spoke about their friends and family, and then it got to my turn. I said “I’m grateful that it’s Wednesday, which means the week is half way done.” Then one student spoke up, “Hey wait a minute, didn’t you say the same thing last week?” Oh…now that I think about it I did say the same thing last time. So I thanked him because we all need to check ourselves sometimes, and said “I’ll take that back because that wasn’t a good response at all. What I’m grateful for is that I get to come into this group and be with you all who always make me laugh.”

So in an effort to remind myself that Monday through Friday are equally important days in my life, here’s my weekly gratitude list:

  • I can go to my favorite gym classes (Spinning and Turbokick)
  • I can watch Glee with my husband who doesn’t judge if I hum/sing/dance along to the episodes
  • I get live in a place where I can bike to school…and when I drive my commute is along the Pacific Ocean
  • I am in my 4th year of this crazy PhD program, I didn’t think would ever take place
  • I get daily phone call or text from Mike just saying hello 🙂
  • I don’t feel guilty about going to bed early (like really early)
  • I can work with students who continually make me smile and teach me patience
  • I get to be surrounded by amazingly smart men and women who will all leave a lasting impact on the world
  • I get the most work done during the week, and feeling productive and accomplished are always confidence boosters
  • I can have nightly dinners with my husband. A time when we have our best conversations and try out new recipes
  • I eat my healthiest, which also makes me feel my best
  • I get the chance to write this blog which lets me talk to people I never would have know before

So, what are you grateful for throughout your week?

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4 Responses to Wishing the Week Away

  1. I totally had this SAME thought this week! It’s so sad to wish the week away, they go so fast!

  2. Meri says:

    Hi- I just found your blog and love it- especially the part about wishing the week away/ focusing on the positive. I work with kids in the mental health/autism field, and feel like I am constantly teaching them to focus on positive behavior and problem solve for what they can do vs can’t do… but sometimes its easier to teach this than to do it ourselves!

    Keep up the blog! I love it!


    • Thank you! It’s great finding other bloggers in the mental health field. Sometimes it’s just so hard to take time for ourselves instead of giving all our energy to help other people – which is actually why this week I haven’t even had a chance to write! I will definitely check out your blog 🙂

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