Kennebunkport…it’s a wonderful word

Kennebunkport really is a great name for a town. And it’s fun to say – just ask my mom. On a road trip from Baltimore to Maine my mom and I stopped in Kennebunkport, Maine to explore the seaside town. Within 10 minutes my mom was claiming, “Kennebunkport is a great town! Kennebunkport has cute stores! Kennebunkport is amazing!” Ok the town is cute but I wouldn’t pack up and move there. Well later that day my mom admitted she just had a thing for saying the word – she’s a speech pathologist so don’t ask questions. But years later I still like saying the word, Kinnnnaaaabunkpourrrrt.

So why am I talking about this fabulously named town? Well turns out they have some pretty tasty beer. I’m on this fruit flavored beer kick and blueberry wheat beers are my new favorite. Trader Joe’s carries Kennebunkport Brewing Company’s Blueberry Wheat. It’s perfect hint of blueberry without tasting too sweet and not too heavy.

Want to know something else about Kennebunkport that you probably don’t care about? Of course you do (it might be a jeopardy question one day). According to Waste Age, they have a Miss Dumpy Contest! Yes this is a true fact. To enter the Miss Dumpy contest (I’m sorry I can’t stop laughing), which is run by the Kennebunkport Dump Association, entrants were required to construct a costume from items that could have been found in a landfill. The lovely Anna Greenglass was crowned Miss Dumpy back in 2003 – yay Anna! Well turns out Anna has done well since her crowning as a dump queen and now has a thriving interior design company. Moral of the story: keep your recyclables until your house looks like it should be on Hoarders for the chance to wear your used coke bottles in a parade in the beautiful town of (let’s say it together now) Kennebunkport.

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One Response to Kennebunkport…it’s a wonderful word

  1. I wish they sold booze at my Trader Joe’s!! No alcohol at grocery stores in PA. SUCKS!

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