Coffee, Candy, and Cocktails (with Costumes)

So it’s been a while. 10 days to be exact. Which to some might seem like nothing (perhaps you were happy to have a break from my ramblings), but to me I was definitely missing the blog.

Last week was just one of those weeks. A string of days that progressively got worse, then slightly better, then just crazy. So I didn’t really know how to even write a post about it all, but thankfully the week can be summed up by the letter “C”


I drank A LOT of coffee last week. To the point that by Thursday the lady at the coffee stand just looked at me with pity. She knew I needed my java fix and in a bad way. And while I do like my morning coffee, this week it became an added fixture in my hand because I had internship applications due. They are mean, time-consuming things that take over your life….and hopefully they pay me back by gifting me with a wonderful place to work after I graduate. APPIC if your listening please help a girl out so I don’t become a coffee junkie and start sneaking in espresso shots in between classes, I don’t want that life. Thanks.


Not only was I jacked up on caffeine, but I was also devouring unhealthy amounts of Halloween candy. Seriously just looking at this candy corn makes me want to throw up. Literally one day my lunch consisted of a handful of candy corn, two marshmallows, and a chocolate covered graham cracker. Yea that is probably the same thing the 5 year old next door had, and his mom probably made him eat an apple with it! This is reason #537869 why I should not live 3,000 miles away from home.


This is actually a liquor store by UCSB with literal towers of alcohol

Are we seeing the healthy trend yet? Yea me neither. It’s like I ripped a page out of a UCSB undergrad’s handbook on how to be a worthless (but fun!) member of society, but minus the part where I wear bra/underwear and call it a “costume” for Halloween. Don’t believe me? Just book a trip on over to Isla Vista and see a Dad’s worst nightmare: your innocent and demure child you just sent off to college who, now 2 months into her academic career, is running down the street in a thong and loosely pinned strip of fabric (aka a shirt) because she’s dressed as a “pirate.”

…and of course Costumes!

So what’s an overly caffeinated, candy corn obsessed girl with one too many Pumpkin beers in her system to do?? Dress up of course! Ok it was Halloween so I’m not out of the norm, but I do dress up in costume more than you think 😉 No and not that way, more the themed-party-kind-of-way. Oh whatever keep your head in the gutter if you will.

Outfit #1: Police Uniform was only fitting when patrolling around Isla Vista with my fellow 30,000 undergrads.

Outfit #2: Given mine and Mike’s obsession with Glee it was only fitting that we dresses as Rachel (moi) and Sue Sylvester (Mike). Yes my husband is dressing as a woman (for a 2nd year in a row). It just makes things that much funnier.

So there you have it: a crappy couple of coincidences conveniently coincided consecutively….conversely I created costumes that corrected the crummy chronology and cheered my crestfallen character.

Cheesy? Certainly.

Cheers 😀

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4 Responses to Coffee, Candy, and Cocktails (with Costumes)

  1. Kristin says:

    welcome back 🙂 still recovering from our healthy weekend!

  2. Hi! Welcome back! You looked great in your costumes! Are those running pants you paired with the police uniform? If so, nice touch! 🙂

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