Little Things

It’s Sunday and I’m snuggled in my pj’s, drinking tea, listening to Ray LaMontagne, and blogging….pure bliss. Today I decided to get myself a little more organized for the week to come instead of dreading for Monday to approach. Last week felt a little hectic, and being sick didn’t make it any more fun.

This week I’m taking a more proactive approach and starting it off on the right foot. The lovely Julie from Savvy Eats started the 25 Days of the Little Things Challenge. As the title suggests, it is a way for people to take notice of all everyday details we often neglect, but that bring us so much pleasure. It’s a great mindset to get into as the holidays approach, and the 25 day countdown is from Nov 1 through Thanksgiving.

Since we are already a week into the Challenge I figure I should run through the 7 things that have brought me pure joy this past week.

1. Completion of all 10 internship applications. Woo hoo! Those things were brutal and time-consuming in more ways than I can even explain. I know what I sent out was my best effort, so it now is the waiting game to hear back (crossing my fingers!)

    2. Birthdays 😀 It was my friend Kristin’s 25th birthday this past weekend and she organized a fabulous cupcake and wine tour out in Santa Ynez, so fun! Check back tomorrow for a full post on all the deliciously addicting goodies we tried that day.
    3. This awesome sign. Take particular note of the bottom line. I am going to have this hanging above my front door as I leave because it was an instant confidence booster.

    4. Apple pie oatmeal. I don’t know why I didn’t take a photo of it, perhaps I was enjoying it too much. This photo will have to suffice:

    The combination of steel cut oats, pumpkin, cinnamon, sauteed apples with butter, brown sugar, and pecan granola. AMAZING! Total cold weather comfort food. I will take photos next time because it is worth it’s own post.

    5. My friends’ abilities to make me laugh till I’m crying. As I’ve said before, I tend to laugh at just about anything. But it isn’t everyday I will be laughing so hard my eyes are watering, and when those moments happen all the stress of the week disappears completely.

    6. The fact that this picture was taken:

    Even if I tried to explain to you that this guy was dressed up like this because he was “attending a Cirque du Soleil Church fundraiser” wouldn’t make any more sense. Oh and we were at a wine bar, not a musical theater. And yes my friends are trying to connect their hair with his tail (which he didn’t have because the fiberoptic tail was too pricey for him). Seriously forget I told you any of that and make up your own story for how this happened because it would be more believable.

    7. The realization that I am head over heels in love with Santa Barbara. And that leaving this town is going to be a lot harder than I thought…

    Any little things you loved this past week?

    Want to join the Challenge? Bloggers just hop on over to Savvy Eats and grab an icon, or just do it on your own. More the merrier!

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      3 Responses to Little Things

      1. Kt says:

        Lindsey! Had no idea you were blogging but am now following. Hope all is well!

      2. Sarah says:

        That oatmeal sounds delicious! I’m going to have to try that next time. It’s probably healthier than Lucky Charms. 🙂

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