Guess the Celeb!

I realized I haven’t entertained my love for pop culture much on this blog. I suppose I felt a little guilty about my celebrity gossip obsession not being healthy enough, and if I’m calling my blog a “healthy living blog” well I need to live up to the title. But this blog isn’t about being perfect – it’s meant to be about REAL life. And my real life involves a healthy dose of celebrity nonsense. Sorry I had to get that out of the way because my Catholic guilt was starting to take over.

Today is also Veterans Day.  A holiday honoring the men and women who have so graciously served our country. I tip my hat to you all for the courageous and self-less things you do everyday….I can’t even fathom what strength that takes.

So in an attempt to merge both my remembrance of this day with my love for celebrities we’re going to play Guess the Celeb in Fatigues! Below I have 8 well-known celebrities (all A or B list name recognition) who either have a love for military fashion or have gone over to support the troops in Iraq.

Leave your guesses in the comments section. I’ll be posting the original photos tomorrow along with the winner(s).

Celebrity #1

Celebrity #2

Celebrity #3

Celebrity #4

Celebrity #5

Celebrity #6

Celebrity #7

Celebrity #8

Good luck! Some of them are easy, but a couple might stump you 😉

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4 Responses to Guess the Celeb!

  1. copsasnick says:

    1. Angelina Jolie
    2. David Beckham
    3. Carrie Underwood
    4. Pam Anderson
    5. Paris Hilton
    6. Jessica Simpson
    7. Paris Hilton (again?)
    8. That is impossible- I want to guess…Michelle Rodriguez? or someone hardcore like that

  2. Sarah says:

    Is #6 Jessica Simpson? I love this post. I think a healthy obsession with celebrities is not a bad thing. Probably healthier than being an actual celebrity.

  3. c-tina says:

    1. Angelia Jolie
    2. Colin Farrell
    3. Carrie Underwood
    4. Lil’ Kim?
    5. Paris Hilton
    6. Jessica Simpson
    7. Victoria Beckham
    8. Katie Holmes

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