I ain’t no Martha Stewart

….but I’m sure going to try. And I’m starting by baking a pie.

It all started with this purchase:

And this was actually a result of my friend Christina commenting on this post. I was feeling stressed and she kindly suggested grabbing my favorite magazine and getting cozy on the couch. This issue immediately jumped out at me – perfect mindless festive comfort food reading.

But then I had this exchange with the check-out guy:

  • Check-out guy: Oh looks like someone is cooking up something good for Thanksgiving!
  • Me: Ha ha, oh no not me. I don’t cook like Martha Stewart. I just buy the magazines to look at the pictures.
  • COG: Really? That’s a shame. I mean those pies look really good on the front.
  • Me: Yea they definitely do, but I can’t bake a pie. I just go out and buy mine! (nervous smile)
  • COG: But don’t they give you the recipes in here? I mean it seems like you should at least try to make one since you’re spending money on this magazine.

(by now the people behind me were probably also wondering why the hell I haven’t made a pie and that I should hurry up and stop talking)

  • Me: (because I’m a total people pleaser) Well you definitely have a point there. I guess I should try to make a pie!

After leaving the store I was thinking “I can’t believe that guy thinks I should bake a pie! Ha! That’s just preposterous. I don’t even have a pie dish, so no pie baking for me. I’ll leave it to the experts”.

But then I opened the magazine and started drooling.

Damnit. I have to make a pie now. I must make a pie.

So you can guess who got a pie dish and a dough roller.

I think this whole ordeal explains why I am particularly susceptible to peer pressure. Like in college (or last month), Whats that? You want me to funnel a beer?? Abso-freaking-lutely!!

So here I am scouring through pie recipes, watching videos on how to make “perfect” pie dough, and sitting at Borders for hours as I read through all the Baking cookbooks. After all that, I decided on trying this classic Apple Pie recipe as my tester. Straight forward and hands down my favorite type of pie.

But because I need a bit of motivation to help me in this culinary challenge, I recruited some of my blogging buddies. This way you get to see multiple pie recipes to spark some inspiration as you prepare for the holidays, and it gives us a reason to make yummy dessert (not that I need a big push to do that). So far we’ve got:

I’ll be posting the step-by-step pie making photos tomorrow 🙂

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9 Responses to I ain’t no Martha Stewart

  1. Sarah says:

    Chocolate Pecan Pie is in the oven! It smells amaaaaaaazing. I’ll get the recipe posted first thing in the morning.

  2. Can’t wait to see how the pie comes out! You know my 2 ingredient cookie recipe if you need it 😉

  3. moyafry says:

    From your pictures it looks like you’re off to a better start than I would be. You’ve got that black-handled metal “D” shaped thing for starters! I admire your efforts, can’t wait to see how it turns out.

    I tend to ignore recipes because they always use stuff I don’t have (the inconvenience of it all!) But if there is one thing I know about Martha Stewart (and really, it is only 1 thing…) it’s that if you follow the recipe, you can’t fail. Good Luck! Share Pics!

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  6. I am putting together my pie recipe today so I can make it tomorrow or Thursday– I’ll let you know when I decide 🙂

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