5 Things Every Woman Should Do

1. Bring out your inner domestic goddess.

Via kaboodle.com

I was raised by a family of strong independent working women. Women who are not afraid to speak their mind, lead a life of passion, and advocate for what they want and what others deserve. They are also people who love to cook, bake, clean, sew, knit, and wear a curve hugging dress every now and again. But believe me none of them are June Clever, nor do they want to be.

To be a domestic goddess you don’t have to be ultra feminine. But don’t be surprised that you like how perfectly matched table decorations make a room feel, baking a cupcakes from scratch, having the house straightened, and providing a wholesome dinner to your family. Basically, don’t be afraid to conform to gender stereotypes even if your breaking then in other areas of your life. A domestic goddess can take down someone in the courtroom, then whip up a perfect chocolate souffle at night.

And if you’re feeling inclined to strengthen your inner domestic goddess this weekend try out these recipes from scratch!

Sarah from Strength of Faith’s Chocolate Pecan Pie. Look at that crust, that filling, that amazing chocolately goodness! And speaking of domestic goddess check out her Wear a Dress Tuesday idea to help brighten your week 🙂

Lindsay from Fresh Eats & Tasty Treats’ Streuseled Caramel Pumpkin Pie with Gingersnap Crust. This looks like heaven in a pie dish! It’s like a brownie, pie, tart all mixed together. A-mazing.


2. Buy quality under eye treatments.


Via sheknows.com


The moment Oil of Olay commercials has been preparing me for since I was 5 happened yesterday: the realization that those dark circles and lines on my face weren’t going anywhere. Yea I freaked out for a little bit and cursed the years of poor skin care and sunburns. But then I decided to head to Sephora to get some grown up eye cream, the kind advertised as being “age defying.” I ended up getting Jurlique’s Purely Age-Defying Eye Cream and couldn’t be happier already. Doesn’t feel heavy or oily, and it’s an organic product. So if you don’t use anything yet for your skin, go out and splurge on quality skin care. You will not be disappointed.

3. Consistently work in some girl time.

I love my girl friends. I love the intimacy that happens in female friendships, as well as the support and understanding among a group of women who want it all. And while I love the conversations I have with my husband, sometimes we don’t see eye to eye. Not because one of us is right and one is wrong, we just process things differently. For me, I like to talk through everything, cry a lot, listen to sappy songs, go for long walks and analyze the problem till I’m blue in the face. My husband will think about a problem, come up with a solution, and then be done with the conversation. And this is when my girls come into play. I get to process all I want, discuss, make lists, and then when we have fully over analyzed the situation we can laugh about the craziness of it all. Yes we are neurotic, but in a way that only a woman can understand 😉

4. Buy the pant size that fits your body now.

We all know this but it gets forgotten when we’re in the dressing room trying to decide between the pant size you are and the pant size you want to be. I have a range of 3 pant sizes in my closet because of this dilemma. And because some stores run things smaller and some run them bigger you won’t always be the same size. Yes it feels like crap when you have to go up a pant size (I know, believe me), but it feels even worse when your walking around uncomfortable in jeans that are too tight.

Just remember: no one will know what size is on the tab, but they will see the unflattering muffin top that emerges when you are in pant size denial.

5. Trust your feminine intuition.


Via timesupblog.blogspot.com

Somewhere between adolescence and grad school I lost faith in my feminine intuition. I started wanting things to be based more on facts than a gut feeling. I would try to figure things out logistically before tapping into how they felt emotionally. Turns out “facts” aren’t always right and don’t always help when making decisions. Recently I’ve started noticing times when things “just don’t feel right,” and majority of the times my instinct was spot on.

So instead of rationalizing away any doubts that pop into your head, instead ask yourself “What might this thought/feeling be trying to tell me?”


*These 5 things come from my head and my limited experience.  They are not things every woman needs to add to their “should” pile just some helpful tips.

Do you agree with my 5 things? What might you add?

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11 Responses to 5 Things Every Woman Should Do

  1. Summer says:

    Love this post. it’s like you took the thoughts right out of my head. LOVE the apron, love the goodies (wishing my computer was scratch and sniff or rather scratch and taste!), love the bit about the importance of girlfriends (men and women definitely do NOT process info the same, and it has been driving me nuts lately!), and love (and hate) the advice to purchase and wear fitting pants. I have been having a hard time getting dressed every morning. I have 1 pair that fits, and the rest are all too small 😦 time to get some more pants with my broke ass grad school pocket book. Thanks for normalizing my experience 🙂

    • Believe me I know your frustrations. It’s why I never give away pants because the day will come the smaller ones fit and then the day also comes when I need the bigger ones. But I have to remember I always feel more confident in well fitting clothes!

  2. Sarah says:

    Love this! Join us for Wear a Dress Tuesday next week ladies!

  3. LOVE #4… finally broke down and bought jeans in the appropriate size a few months ago, and feel so much happier, comfortable, and even sexy in them now!

  4. Nano Silver says:

    I know what you mean. A new pair of comfortable, yet stylish pants (with boots) and a dress that makes me feel like a goddess is all I need.

  5. Leggings — new, right size and color — are my pants for now as I try to lose weight. Much less expensive than buying pants in different sizes. If you’re really overweight, it’s not a wise choice, but if toned and your body shape is proportioned and you know how to layer, they can look great, while being more forgiving.

    I like the idea of wearing a dress once a week.

    I’d add “do something every single day that makes you really happy.” Entire weeks can race by focused on getting stuff done instead of doing something for pure pleasure.

    • I completely agree with the leggings. I finally bought a pair and love how comfortable they are! And I second your do something to make you happy because I’ve lost too many weeks by focusing on my to-do list.

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  7. I am so with you on buying what’s fits you now. I know that I made myself miserable for too many years being uncomfortable in clothes that didnt fit well. I didnt want to buy a size bigger–I didnt awnt to be bigger. But, once I bought bigger–I felt so much better–happier and sexier!

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