Allergic Genes

Last week I had some serious writer’s block. I would open up the blog and just stare.  Nothing was inspiring me to write. The good news was I did get inspired to work on my dissertation, schedule some internship interviews, and finish a final paper for class. Things that all should come first I suppose.

But as luck would have it, I got blessed with something to blog about: my allergies.


Annoying, tear inducing, stuffy nose, sinus pressure causing allergies. I hate them.

I’ve had them my whole life. I remember having to take Benadryl every morning before heading off to camp because otherwise I would be sneezing relentlessly the whole day. My allergies have been particularly bad this Fall season. And since I live in Santa Barbara we get an extra long fall season so my allergies last into early winter months too. They were so bad that on Thanksgiving my childhood asthma decided to resurface.

If you have never had asthma let me tell you it is awful. I can’t explain how it feels to not be able to breathe. You are gasping for breath but can’t seem to ever get your lungs filled. You have visions of the ER dancing in your head and you are wondering when your lungs will let you function normally again. And you realize that you can’t freak out about it because if you start hyperventilating you’ll surely have an asthma attack. As an adult I can calm myself down, but as a child this experience is terrifying.

And asthma doesn’t stop after one day. I could barely make it through my typical workouts last week because my breathing was so bad. This is not good news for a spinning and kickboxing obsessed person like me. Basically allergies get in the way of my life, and their link with my asthma doesn’t help matters.

So I went to my doctor and told him my sorrows while shoving Kleenex up my nose. He just shook his head and said, “Lindsey you unfortunately have the Allergy Genes.” Couldn’t I have gotten the blue-eyed, blond haired genes instead? Turns out people either have the allergy gene turned on or off. And when you have it, you get a ton of other things like hay fever, asthma, and some food allergies thrown in for fun! It’s like winning the Benadryl lottery!



Side note: I can’t believe this was one of the top photos I found when Googling “winning the lottery.” And apparently there is a website called Stuff Unemployed People Like, and these people also like Susan Boyle, Light Beers, and guilting friends to buy them drinks.

Unfortunately for me I get all the nose, sinus, and throat problems my little heart desires. This also means I spend an absurd amount of money at the pharmacy dealing with my issues. And even better is that sometimes these pills stop working after a couple weeks because my body becomes immune to them, which requires me to switch to something new while hoping that it doesn’t make me (a) sleepy, (b) jittery, or (c) do absolutely nothing.

My cocktail of meds at the moment is Zyrtec-D, a steroid-infused nasal spray, and a humidifier by the bed. So far so good….crossing my fingers, knocking on wood, and praying to the allergy Gods that this will continue to work!

Are there other allergy suffers out there?? Please say yes! What works for you?

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3 Responses to Allergic Genes

  1. Yay you’re back!

    I suffer from allergies in the early spring. I take Alavert and it usually helps but nothing ever rids me completely of my terrible itchy nose. HOT, right?

  2. Ellen says:

    i just found your blog, but i wanted to comment because i used to be one of those people! nicknamed “the allergy girl” because i was allergic to EVERYTHING. pets, food, seasonal, dust mites, i had every type of allergy.

    now i have none. i’m telling you, zero. no more sneezing, hives, puffy eyes, stomach aches, eczema, nada. no more meds at all and life is GOOD. this might sound crazy but i just wanted to share because honey, i feel ya. i started this treatment:

    it might seem like it can’t possibly work, but somethings with the human body are not rational (like how you have crazy allergies and your friend doesn’t!) it changed my life so i would suggest looking into it. i felt relief almost immediately.

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