Sending Holiday Cheer

Mini Christmas tree up and decorated – check

Lights outside – check

Christmas gifts ordered – check

Eaten more holiday candy than I should have – check

Sent holiday cards – che….   Oops forgot that one

Thankfully there are places like Shutterfly that I can order these things late and still get them out to people. And even better Shutterfly is offering poor grad student bloggers like me free 50 holiday cards just by sharing this information with you! And I should rephrase by saying you thankfully don’t have to be poor or a grad student to get this deal, just a blogger. Just click here and sign up by tomorrow so you can start sending out some holiday cheer!

I actually used Shutterfly last year for my holiday cards and was super pleased with the results. It was mine and Mike’s first Christmas as a married couple so sending out cards was a must. I used to never think it was all that important to do, but after moving 3,000 miles away from friends and family I feel like it’s our little way of saying “hey over there! we miss you guys!” since we often don’t get to see everyone was want to when we’re home for the holidays.

Right now I’m trying to decide between these 3 cards:

Decisions are not always my strong suit. Unless it is between a brownie and a chocolate chip cookie. The answer is take both.

So maybe you’re thinking, I don’t have a bunch of cute kids climbing on me and a husband with really white teeth (seriously what toothpaste is that guy using?) Instead you can pop over to their other photo gift section which gave me a ton of other gift ideas. Like why wouldn’t my mom want a huge decal of me on her office wall??? Or doesn’t my Dad want a coffee mug with my smiling face looking back at him every morning??? Of course they want these things!

Ok in all seriousness I have already ordered a photo puzzle for a family member and am in the process of making a photo book for my niece. Takes about 10 minutes to order and tons of sentiment behind it.

And if you are a total scrooge and hate sending holiday cheer you should at least check out there other stationary. Because thank you notes will get you far in life. I mean that. Send them.

Alright I’m off to eat some more peppermint Joe-Joe’s. I have an addiction….

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3 Responses to Sending Holiday Cheer

  1. I love Shutterfly gifts!

    And your new header looks awesome!

  2. Sarah says:

    We ordered our cards from Shutterfly and I LOOOOOOVE them! Have fun designing!

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