Dear Santa, can I have my Barbie dream house now?

The reason I probably love Christmas as much as I do is because of all the wonderful memories it brings up. Mostly from childhood because that’s when Christmas was the best!

I would look out my window hoping to see Santa’s sleigh riding across the sky. I would squint my eyes in the hopes that maybe that blinking red light out in the distance was it. I would hope and pray that in his sleigh would be the Barbie dream house with the working elevator, wrap around porch, and garage. What? You gotta wish big right?

In retrospect I might have been a little picky, which is why I never got that house but instead the smaller, more economical version. It was the fold-up dream house, so I could take it anywhere I wanted. Good in theory but when you have a whole set of furniture, cars, and clothes to fit into a little space I was hoping for something bigger.

I guess you could call it a “cute bungalow” or a “cozy cottage.” Either way some of my Barbies were forced to sleep in the yard and on the roof because quarters were cramped! My Barbie family became “that family” on the block with all their crap spread across the lawn: shoes on the roof, wedding dresses in the kitchen, a small child thrown under the picnic table. And since I was a little on the anal side I had some issues with the lack of neatness going on. So I had to improvise and make use of some old shoe boxes and stacking bins to make an addition onto the house. It wasn’t the prettiest but it worked if you used your imagination.

I laugh thinking back on those memories because it was so much fun! Pure, innocent, imaginative fun. And probably the last time I had so much anticipation for a morning like Christmas was my wedding day. I would love to relive those years again and again, because even though I didn’t get exactly what I wanted it was still thrilling.

So now I write:


Dear Santa,

If you’re reading this (because I know you are) can you please send me my Barbie dream house now? I’ve been on my best behavior this year, well except for that one night out at Eos and that Nights at the Museum Party was questionable. But hey we make mistakes right? And instead of the fold-up house, can I have the adult dream house version (see the picture above for an example). I mean I’ll forgo the elevator and pink interior, but the wrap around porch, garage, and well manicured lawn would be lovely. And a fire place, big kitchen, and walk in closets would just be great additions as well!

Hugs & Kisses,


PS – Cookies and milk will be provided, I know how you like ’em 😉

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6 Responses to Dear Santa, can I have my Barbie dream house now?

  1. Kjirsten says:

    I’ll take an adult dream house this year from Santa too! I’ll even leave him more milk and cookies!

  2. Dear Santa,
    All I want is you to replace the ugly carpeting on my steps and the old linoleum in my kitchen.


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