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“So, do you always make friends on airplanes?”

Have you ever told a complete stranger personal details of your life? I think of all the random people in the world who know bits of pieces of my personal story. The Starbucks barista who asked “What’s on the agenda … Continue reading

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This time last month it was Christmas…weird

So remember all that Ho, ho, ho-ing? Jingle bell rocking? Present wrapping? Cookie baking? Complete freaking out because you totally forgot to get Aunt Dorene a present because you thought she divorced your uncle but it turns out they are … Continue reading

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It’s a Love/Hate Thing

Do you ever have moments when you can’t make up your mind? When you both love and hate something simultaneously? I mean there are things that I downright love without question. Like watching the sunset, a good glass of Pinot … Continue reading

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Comic Relief

I needed a completely random funny photo after yesterday. So a cat with a frog headdress on seemed fully appropriate given my mood. The photo is fitting because it’s kind of what I do in bad situations – I laugh. … Continue reading

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Baby Dreams

I lay wide awake tossing and turning trying to force myself back to sleep. The clock blinked 3:52 AM. Enough time to sneak in another cycle of REM sleep but only if my mind would stop churning….and I knew it … Continue reading

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You like me! You really like me!

Well actually I know one of you like me, rather my blog that is. Specifically my blogger friend Monica from Yellow Brick Beauty does. She was kind enough to award me a Stylish Blogger Award! I instantly loved reading Monica’s … Continue reading

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Do’s and Dont’s of Interviewing

Interviewing is hard, stress inducing, and requires lots of energy and traveling. But at the same time it’s invigorating. You get to meet tons of new people, hear about great work going on in your field, not to mention the … Continue reading

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