Taking the Long Way Home

Oh hello friends!

My first post of 2011. A little late but life got in the way blogging. Here’s the quick wrap up of where I’ve been: flew home to Baltimore on the 23rd, Christmas came and went, played lots of hide-and-seek with my nieces, celebrated Mike’s 30th birthday on New Years Eve, had to say goodbye to Mike as he went back to Santa Barbara, took every mode of transportation (literally) around the east coast for my first round of interviews and now I’m back in Baltimore preparing for the next batch until I head back to SB on the 21st.

Busy? Yes. Exhausting? Absolutely. But it’s also exciting preparing for this next big move!

Through these crazy couples of weeks I have learned several things:

1. I’m really bad at blogging when I’m not on my normal schedule.

2. I really love Baltimore. It’s a quirky, long “o” speaking, ravens crazed, crab cake obsessed bunch that I proudly say I’m a part of. Oh and we know how to do some serious Christmas decorations.

3. I don’t like being away from my husband. Because all my interviews are on the east coast and they go until Jan 20th, I won’t be able to see my husband for close to 3 weeks. It sucks being away from him and I miss him tons. I mean wouldn’t you when he looks this cute??

4. My mom still loves to humiliate me by pointing out my ugly ornament I made in kindergarten to our entire family. Hey, at least I wasn’t eating the clay like the other kids in my class…

5. I miss these 2 little peanuts so much! They are a big reason I would like to be closer to home. I mean look at those faces!!

6. Mike and Caroline have very intense phone conversations with one another that typically consist of 5 statements:

“Oh Hey”

“How’s it going?”

“Ummm Imma little busy right now”

“Okay talk to ya lay-ter!”


(this same conversation happened probably 20 times)

7. And Santa really does exist…and apparently he also likes Canon Rebel cameras 🙂

I’m hoping to resume semi-regular blogging this week. But no promises will be made as I’ll be traveling 4 of the days.

And check out my guest post on Making Food and Other Stuff tomorrow! Katie is hysterical and shares my love/hate for all things related to grad school. I wrote about my 4 top favorite posts on The Morningstar Project…perhaps some of your favs too??

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break!

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8 Responses to Taking the Long Way Home

  1. Glad you are back! I missed your posts! Good luck with the interviews! Do you have any in Philly?

  2. Katie says:

    Welcome back!! Where are you interviewing? Any tips?!?!

  3. Lindsay Ann says:

    Good luck with your interviews! Love your new header – normally I just read your blog on Reader so I’m not sure how “new” it is!

  4. Monica says:

    3 weeks is a terribly long time to be away from your love! But I am glad that you are enjoying your Balti time, as that city is seriously amazing!

    Your niece and nephew are adorable!

    Good luck on interviews and enjoy some more of the Chick-Fil-A for me, I miss that place!

  5. Yay Canon Rebel! You are going to love it. 🙂

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