Comic Relief

I needed a completely random funny photo after yesterday. So a cat with a frog headdress on seemed fully appropriate given my mood.

The photo is fitting because it’s kind of what I do in bad situations – I laugh. Or at least put a big smile on my face until I convince myself I’m happy again. Don’t worry I’m already psychoanalyzing myself and am completely aware that this not the best way to handle situations.

But this time I’m not going to go the funny route. As much as I really wanted to write about something highly impersonal today like dresses at the Golden Globes or a new dessert recipe, I couldn’t do it.

I cannot thank you all enough for the outpouring of support yesterday. I didn’t really know the responses people would have. I figured some might be confused why I would share such a personal story on a blog. Some might have been hurt they didn’t know about my issues beforehand. For some it might have been a little frightening since it raises the question can this happen to me too? These very reasons are why I didn’t talk about all of this to many people for almost 5 months. And it isn’t exactly a conversation that comes up naturally and it isn’t very uplifting:

“So you and Mike have been married for a little while now, you thinking about having kids soon?”

“Well, yes we do want to have kids. But I dunno it’s very complicated. I got diagnosed with PCOS which means I’m going to need a lot of help getting pregnant and we may have to think about alternative types of treatment. And well those are very expensive, but we’ll see how it happens depending on where we’re living and ….”

“(Glassy stare) Oh. Well I’m sorry about that. There are a lot of medical advances out there so I’m sure you’ll be fine. Um I need to refill my drink I’ll be back later.”

And that is the moment I switch to talking about how beautiful the house decor is and how fabulous these mini quiches are. I learned my lesson: no one wants to hear your sob story at a cocktail party. Instead I broadcast these things on here.

Brief overview of PCOS:

  • What is it? It is a horomonal imbalance that can be due to your body producing more androgens (male sex horomones) which causes your body to stop ovulating.
  • Symptoms? Acne, Irregular periods, Weight gain/trouble loosing weight, fertility problems, depression, and increase facial hair growth.
  • When to go to a Doctor? If you feel that you have experienced a hormonal shift it is always recommended to just talk with your doctor. For me the key sign was the lack of periods over an extended amount of time. I didn’t experience many of the others symptoms listed above.
  • Treatment? Right now I am back on birth control to help regulate my hormones. Specially I am using Ocella (aka Yaz) because it has more estrogen to help balance out my hormones.

I am still learning more about PCOS and types of non-medical treatments available. I’m going to write a much longer and in depth post about it once I know more information. Again thank you all so much for all your kind words! Mike and I both are incredibly appreciative of your support.


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4 Responses to Comic Relief

  1. Jen says:

    As a fellow experiencer of scary female health diagnoses, it is comforting to know my fears are shared by others…. especially a woman as amazing as you. Your bravery and honesty is inspiring. ❤ you!

  2. Monica says:

    I so agree that sometimes laughter is the best way to mentally prepare yourself for the next steps of a challenging situation. That was one main thing my husband and I agreed to before marriage, through thick and thin – bad and good, to never lose sight of our love and to never stop laughing together.

  3. Big hug to you! I’m glad you have a place to get it out and share what you are feeling. You deserve that. And I will certainly pray for things to go well for you and your baby dreams. 🙂

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