“So, do you always make friends on airplanes?”

Have you ever told a complete stranger personal details of your life?

I think of all the random people in the world who know bits of pieces of my personal story. The Starbucks barista who asked “What’s on the agenda today?” The person sitting next to me on the spin bike waiting for the class to start. The Nordtsrom’s sales clerk who helped me pick out a present for my husband. The cab drivers who picked my friends and I up after the bars closed in college (those people know way too much). And definitely the person sitting next to me on the long plane rides across the country.

I’m fascinated by people and their lives (hence the choice of psychology) so when I get the opportunity to meet a new person I’m always thrilled.

Ok I take that back, I’m not always thrilled to talk to new people on planes.  Most of the time I just read my magazines, play Angry Birds (if you don’t have this app yet you need to get it immediately – it’s amazingly addicting), and sleep a lot. I’m also one of those awkward sleepers who bobs their head all the time…it’s kind of embarrassing.

But every once in a while I get seated next to a fabulous conversationalist. My Phoenix to Philadelphia flight I got seated next to Rich (hi Rich if you reading this!) Turns out Rich grew up near Baltimore and is in the process of getting his PhD as well. So the initial getting to know you chat turned into a 4 hour long conversation touching on his family and 2 little boys, mine and Mike’s cross country journey, favorite travel spots, finding a good glass of cab, the ridiculousness of reality television, and how awesome all Google and Apple products are. Not to mention religion, solving the energy crisis, and war in Iraq. Yes it was pretty much a UN meeting on Southwest flight 3249 in row 7. Except I don’t think UN officials eat Pizza flavored Combos while discussing the problems of the world….or do they?

I sadly didn’t meet any other wonderful people in my airline travels. The woman I got placed next to on the flight back was an older lady who gave me the stink eye every time I requested to use the restroom….which was only twice on the 4.5 hr flight! She also was wearing head-to-toe leopard print (including her 2 hand bags) so I was perhaps giving her the stare down as well. I mean we all know that bold prints should be accent pieces in your wardrobe and not the whole collection, right? Right.

Have you made any new friends while traveling?

PS – All my internship interviews are done which means TMP will return to some blogging normalcy!

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4 Responses to “So, do you always make friends on airplanes?”

  1. Monica says:

    Yes! I make friends in the most random of places, and not just while traveling. And couldn’t agree more about the cab drivers who know way toooo much about me.

    Congrats on completing all of your interviews!

  2. fitandclean says:

    I have made friends on airplanes, but they’re few and far in-between. I met a guy once who lived near me and worked for the same company as my Dad…and I knew all about him by the flight landed (2 hours..he did most of the talking which is unusual for me! LOL) It’s fun to meet new people in unexpected places.

  3. Katie says:

    When I am feeling chatty I can be best freinds with the grocery store checkout. NOrmally I take red eye flights though, so I usually just sleep.

    I hope you get the internship you want!

  4. Michelle says:

    That’s a nice story! My most memorable flying experience was from Boston to San Francisco next to a lady who ate two hardboiled eggs, asparagus, licorice, fell asleep with a full glass of orange juice in her hand and dumped it on herself, and got mad when I needed to get out to use the restroom. It was me and my husband’s first trip together and we still laugh about it!

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