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Comic Relief

I needed a completely random funny photo after yesterday. So a cat with a frog headdress on seemed fully appropriate given my mood. The photo is fitting because it’s kind of what I do in bad situations – I laugh. … Continue reading

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Baby Dreams

I lay wide awake tossing and turning trying to force myself back to sleep. The clock blinked 3:52 AM. Enough time to sneak in another cycle of REM sleep but only if my mind would stop churning….and I knew it … Continue reading

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Running Start

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve told people “I’m not a runner.” Kickboxing, spinning, weight lifting, pilates, and even a little yoga I can do. In fact I love doing all those things. Running, however, always falls … Continue reading

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Blogging, the best party you’ll ever attend

It has been 2 months since I started this blog, and it is strange to think of not writing it. As a newbie blogger I am continually fascinated by the whole process. And as a trained psychologist and researcher I … Continue reading

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How to Love your Shoulders

If someone were to ask me my favorite physical trait I would say my shoulders. Well I would also say my smile (thanks Mom for those genes!) but you can’t really tone up your smile – just work with what … Continue reading

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Little Things

It’s Sunday and I’m snuggled in my pj’s, drinking tea, listening to Ray LaMontagne, and blogging….pure bliss. Today I decided to get myself a little more organized for the week to come instead of dreading for Monday to approach. Last … Continue reading

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Wishing the Week Away

Ever hear yourself saying, “God, I wish it were the weekend” or “Can’t this week go any quicker??” I make these statement all the time. In fact, to the point that I find myself solely living for my weekends. And … Continue reading

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