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It’s a Love/Hate Thing

Do you ever have moments when you can’t make up your mind? When you both love and hate something simultaneously? I mean there are things that I downright love without question. Like watching the sunset, a good glass of Pinot … Continue reading

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It’s December and I’m hot

  Unlike the rest of the country, Southern California is going through a little heat wave. Yesterday it was in the 80s and today in the 70s. I actually have on shorts and flip flops while listening to Christmas music … Continue reading

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Turkey Digest

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone. Now the holiday music is in full force, decorations are up, and I’m counting down the days until we head home for Christmas. But before I jump the gun and start singing Jiggle Bells … Continue reading

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Scenes from a Santa Barbara Morning

there is something to be said when a photo is emotionally satisfying.

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JP (aka Mommy)

My mom is currently making her way across the United States to come spend Thanksgiving with me and Mike. She’s actually in Denver as I write. So I feel it is fitting for me to write a blog post about … Continue reading

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How to Love your Shoulders

If someone were to ask me my favorite physical trait I would say my shoulders. Well I would also say my smile (thanks Mom for those genes!) but you can’t really tone up your smile – just work with what … Continue reading

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Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

As I said yesterday, I celebrated my friend Kristin’s 25th birthday this weekend with a Wine & Cupcakes Tour. Two wonderful worlds colliding if you ask me. But before I tell you about the day, I should first mention some … Continue reading

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