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Here’s to a year older (and maybe wiser)

Happy Birthday to Me!! Birthdays are pretty fabulous occasions because it’s the one day of the year everyone says nice things to you, you get presents, and you get to eat copious amounts of dessert. Um, fabulous! They also tend … Continue reading

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Running Start

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve told people “I’m not a runner.” Kickboxing, spinning, weight lifting, pilates, and even a little yoga I can do. In fact I love doing all those things. Running, however, always falls … Continue reading

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Scenes from a Santa Barbara Weekend

Dear Santa Barbara, I adore you for weekends like this. Friday night jam session with Or, the Whale at SoHo Saturday stroll to Campus Point Beach bonfire complete with a California sunset Now I’m off to enjoy the remains of … Continue reading

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Ladies, Going Commando is a Bad Idea

I don’t know which celebrity started the going commando trend, but they should be ashamed of themselves. And actually I think it was Paris Hilton, who’s already been to jail and will likely return because she’s always picking up other … Continue reading

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